Brand awareness is one of the toughest obstacles for any brand. Many companies believe that if they could just get their name, service, or product in front of the right set of eyes, their struggle to grow would be all but eliminated. Frankly, these companies aren’t wrong.

While it may seem obvious to immediately turn to strategies like social media ads and SEO-based content, simply knowing about these things is not the same as deploying them in a method that is strategic and effective. 

Partnering with a performance-based marketing agency like Beyond13 is the most effective way to establish brand awareness, increase growth, and sustain long-term success.

Still not convinced that you need to partner with a performance marketing agency? Read on to discover the top ten reasons why employing the services of a performance-based marketing agency like Beyond13 is a sure-fire way to achieve the growth you’ve been looking for.

1) Brand Alignment – Seeing Eye To Eye

Your brand is your baby, and at Beyond 13 we get it. That’s exactly why brand alignment is first on our list of our top ten ways to optimize performance. Without a compatible vision of who your brand is and where you’re headed, real growth isn’t possible. When hiring a performance-based marketing agency it is vital that you choose a partner who will protect the core values of your brand. At Beyond13 we know how to incorporate the foundational pillars of your identity while accentuating what makes your brand unique. We elevate awareness, increase visibility, and optimize performance for definitive and sustainable growth within the guidelines of your greater brand identity.

2) Expertise – The Need For Know-How

In order to properly establish and sustain optimized growth, your team needs to be knowledgeable, intuitive and invested. While these traits are all vital for optimizing performance, the most important characteristic of any performance marketing agency is its expertise. At Beyond13 our expertise is proven through the results we garner for our clients. We are a solution-oriented, performance-driven, and client-centric agency that believes performance is the only real, honest metric. We are experts at fostering brand growth and optimizing client success across a multitude of digital platforms, and our results prove it. 

3) Dedication – A Diligent Approach To Growth

Optimizing online performance is more art than science, and that is exactly why you need a performance marketing agency that is committed, confident, and dedicated. Dedication is a core value of Beyond13 and it ensures that your brand receives the attention and focus it deserves. Our dedication to our clients is such that we constantly monitor campaigns, diligently pursue new avenues of success, and intuitively search for new industry tools to bolster long-term growth. Our dedication is to our artform; but more importantly, our dedication is to our clients.

4) Innovative, Forward-Thinking – Where Art Meets Science

One of the benefits of working with a top performance-based marketing agency like Beyond13 is innovative and forward-thinking. With Beyond13 you’ll be represented by a boutique, performance marketing agency dedicated to building customized strategic campaigns to last. The art of our metrics-based approach is setting parameters that ensure we are acquiring high-intent leads that are responding directly to your brand. Exceeding expectations isn’t just rhetoric, we use a variety of tangible measurables to expand your reach, maximize your scope, and grow your business; all within the confines of your budget. Now that’s innovation you can get behind. 

5) Thought Leadership – A Desire To Push The Boundaries

Too many performance marketing agencies are concerned about pushing the envelope instead of pushing the ball downfield. At Beyond13 we believe that pushing boundaries should come with tangible results that are correlated with sustainable growth. Above all else, we are solution-oriented, performance-driven, and client-centric. Our custom-designed and personally managed campaigns utilize proven strategies that work. With Beyond13 you can be sure that you are getting thought leadership which truly helps our clients go beyond what they thought possible.

 6) Personalized Strategy – Your Brand Has Needs 

Any agency can come up with a strategy template and then recycle it between clients. Not at Beyond 13! With us, you’ll find that your marketing strategy is distinctive and tailored. After all, how can a strategy be optimized if it’s not custom-created for your brand and your needs? Don’t settle for recycled strategies, work with Beyond13 and experience the spike in growth that comes with a truly brand-specific, personalized optimization strategy. 

7) Exposure to Different Types of Traffic – Beyond13’s Secret Weapon

There are four major ways to drive traffic to your brand. Three of the big four exist online: Email, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media. While these are all effective tools for driving traffic and optimizing your brand’s performance, there is a fourth performance optimization tactic that is largely overlooked by other performance marketing agencies. Calls are the offline secret weapon of Beyond 13 wherein we reach a greater pool of potential clients for you simply by employing a methodology of performance optimization all but abandoned by other agencies. We are still analog people, and while the world may be mostly digital, the need for personal connection is still a highly effective optimization tool. 

8) Cost Per Acquisition -The Smarter Way To Spend

Cost per acquisition is a term that refers to the total cost of acquiring and converting a new customer. A conversion can be anything from a new user registering their email, to an online purchase. The beauty of working with Beyond13 is that together we’ll decide what conversion metric you’re interested in, and then decide how much capital it will take to get the job done. This is the entire basis behind our smarter spending methodology wherein we only ask our clients to pay for what we generate. 

9) Return on Investment – Making Smart Choices With Your Capital

Investing in a performance-based marketing campaign is more than just capital. You already know from our discussion about Cost Per Acquisition that working with Beyond13 ensures that your budget is taken seriously and your return is always top of mind. But what about the investment of your time and energy? Beyond13 protects those valuable assets as well. Our hands-on approach to long-term success is proactive, innovative, and always transparent, ensuring we exceed your goals inevitably saving you time, energy, and extra capital that you may have wasted with a different agency. We’re as invested in your brand as you are. And when it comes to ROI, Beyond13 is here to help you achieve the growth you’re looking for.

10) Compliance – You Deserve Protection

Compliance is just as important for the safety of your brand as it is for the safety of your customers, and at Beyond13 we take it as seriously as we take our approach to your sustained long-term growth. From content to customer data, and everything in between, you can be sure that Beyond13 is taking all necessary measures to ensure that your brand is compliant and protected.  

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At Beyond13, every action we take stems from the core belief that our mission is to take you from where you are now, to where you want to be. For more information on how Beyond13 can establish better brand awareness for your company while also increasing growth and amplifying ROI, contact us. We’re excited to hear from you and we can’t wait to exceed your expectations.

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