In today’s competitive academic landscape, searching for the right program and university can be overwhelming for many students. 

At Beyond13, we are making a significant impact in supporting students and helping them navigate this crucial decision-making process. 

With our continued efforts to promote higher education and recent partnerships with CECU and CCCU, Beyond13 is becoming a go-to resource for students looking to excel in their education journey.


Helping Students Find the Perfect Fit


We aim to help future students make informed choices about their higher education. Through our performance-based digital marketing strategies, we connect students with the best programs and universities that best align with their goals and aspirations online.

We go beyond traditional approaches by implementing branded email marketing campaigns, degree specific marketing, and search engine optimization to generate interest and deliver exclusive, high-intent leads to educational institutions.


A Partnership that Strengthens the Mission


Beyond13’s recent partnership with the Career Education Colleges and Universities (CECU), as an Allied member, demonstrates our dedication to expanding our influence and reaching even more students. This collaboration has been aan exciting opportunity to exchange valuable ideas, research, and best practices to promote the advancement of career education.

In addition, Beyond13 has also joined forces with the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU). CCCU is an association of Christian institutions of higher education dedicated to providing students with academic excellence and spiritual growth opportunities.

The Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU) is a worldwide association of over 180 Christian institutions in higher education. Since its establishment in 1976, CCCU has represented campuses worldwide, with more than 150 in the United States and Canada and an additional 30 from 19 other countries. 

This partnership demonstrates Beyond13’s recognition of the unique needs and values of students looking to enroll in a faith-based educational institution. 


Growth and Impact


In our continuing pursuit of excellence here at Beyond13, we strongly believe in delivering results. 

We consistently strive to surpass expectations and implement strategies that can be measured for maximum impact. 

At Beyond13 Agency, we see ourselves as helpful friends for students starting their college journey online. We utilize new and out of the box marketing strategies to help students find the right program that aligns with their lifestyle.

Our partnerships with CECU and CCCU show that we are dedicated to making an impact in helping students kickoff their educational journey and help higher education institutions grow their online enrollment efforts.

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